About Us

What we do


Kilkenny Marketplace is a single site where customers can go to shop local while shopping online. We’ve a wide range of products with seven local businesses, Graham Shoes, Essaness Music, Pure Kids, Hennessy Sports, The Watershed,  Hair by Nigel & Co and The Hurley Depot. 


Kilkenny Marketplace lets shoppers go to several shops and buy from all of them in one go without having to check to see if a shop has a website or not. Once you buy something on Kilkenny Marketplace you can then choose to have it delivered or pick it up in store.


We’re only just getting started though, and that means that we’re still adding more businesses every week and more products too on Kilkenny Marketplace.  If you know a shop that should be on Kilkenny Marketplace please do let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Why we’re doing it

We made Kilkenny Marketplace because we didn’t like seeing the empty shops on the High street because of online shopping and thought we could do it better. By buying on Kilkenny Marketplace you’re supporting local shops and the community! It also lets local businesses compete online with the bigger websites by working together and saving you time instead of looking to see if a local business might have a website.


We also have that bit of personality you won’t find with other online sites, behind every product is a local business that wants to make sure you’re happy with your purchase. If you’ve any questions about a purchase you can always call into any of the stores to deal with a person.



It is an easy process for businesses to sign up and we’ve taken a very hands on approach, so whether you’ve no computer experience or have been selling online for years we’re happy to work with you and will help guide businesses through how to sell online.